Intelligent feminists are totally hot

Actually, I don’t think you can be a feminist without being intelligent (takes own tiny metaphorical trumpet out of equally metaphorical dungarees, because I’ve always wanted a pair, and blows it). But seriously, that would explain why the Daily Fail female readership aren’t feminists. That is SOLID LOGICAL REASONING.

The point is, feminist academics are the dream, and I am happy to once again be making an English essay about queer feminism, masculinity and other interesting shit that literature makes shiny.

“As a woman, I am a consumer of masculinities, but I am more so than men are; and, like men, I as a woman am also a producer of masculinities and a performer of them” – Eve K. Sedgwick, from ‘Gosh, Boy George, you must be awfully secure in your masculinity!’ (best. title. ever)

“The suppression of the homosexual component of human sexuality, and by corollary, the oppression of homosexuals, is…a product of the same system whose rules and relations oppress women” – Gayle Rubin (PREACH, GURRRL)



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