Perspective’s a funny thing

Things that have made me sad over the last few days:

1) Realising that the boggle app for iphone doesn’t accept “queer” as a word. Even technology is homophobic sometimes, dontchaknow.

2) Remembering that although Brenda Namigadde has been granted temporary asylum, she is, as far as I know, still in Yarslwood detention centre. Prisons come in all shapes and sizes. So do closets.

3) Filling out an internship application for the Royal Shakespeare Company and discovering that their “Equal Oppurtunities” form takes disability, gender and ethnicity into account, but not sexuality. Oh wait, that’s because we have full equality and are liberated and discrimination against gays doesn’t happen any more. Not according to the Daily Fail at least.

4) On a similar note, being one of only three girls out of 25 candidates in the upcoming student union elections. Last year, there were more female and black candidates than ever before, and yet the electorate still managed to get seven white men into office. Sigh.

Things that don’t make me sad

1) Being kissed.

2) Being kissed by you.

3) Kissing you.

4) This. 


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