We’re in a war, and our bodies are the front line.

Hell yes I do. And I hit like one, and I kiss like one, and I love you like one.

It’s important to remember, how we fight, when shit like this is happening: http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/patrick-butler-cuts-blog/2011/jan/25/domestic-violence-charities-face-100-cuts?CMP=twt_gu

If these cuts are the tip of the iceberg, then what’s happening to women all over the world is the fucking titanic.

But we’ve got this image, and we’ve got Ani DiFranco, who I had the privilege of seeing live last night.What a woman she is. An incredible feminist who plays guitar and owns a tank top that says ‘Cunt’ on it. Basically she’s my heroine. And you can bet your bottom dollar that she fights like a girl, and you can bet she’ll win. We’ve all got to fight like girls. Roll with the punches, dodge the bullets. Survival’s a bitch, but living’s worth it. If only the goddamn government would realise that.


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