Finally getting my priorities queer: sandwich now, save the world later…

I wasn’t sure until a few days ago how I was going to start this blog. I named it months ago, well, I wanted to call it, “let me get this queer”, punning on the phrase, “let me get this straight”. However another blogger out there on this great wide internet has already taken that domain name. Curse you, unknown punning fiend! But let’s be friends, we have almost the same mind.

So a few months ago, when I decided I wanted to start blogging again, I wrote down things I would write about, and then I never did. I’ve got this tatty page in my journal (yes, I have a journal, am still hungover from my pseudo-emo school days. In my defence it doesn’t have a padlock on it, at least not one that I use) – and this tatty page has got shiny ideas about things and the universe. One day I will actually make some vaguely insightful comments on said things and throw them out into the blogosphere, but right now I’m hungry, and quite fancy a sandwich. Food before thought, people.

However, in the interest of finishing what I started, I’ll say that after months of dithering, two things happened which made me actually sit down and create this blog. Firstly, my friend Cameron is starting a Queer Zine in the good ol’ USA, on his campus at UCI, where I was an exchange student. I’m contributing to the zine and he said I could put the url of my blog on it. So essentially I’m taking his advice. Thanks, CKJ, for giving me a metaphorical kick up my posterior, I owe you.

Secondly, I was in Amsterdam a few days ago for a gay wedding (you know, as you do), and was wondering around with my sister. We passed the Gay&Lesbian information stand. In case it isn’t clear, I’m pretty fucking queer myself and I was happy to see this. However, my sister then said something like, “I think there should be/ I wonder why there isn’t a straight information stand”. I tried to explain to her that the fact is, the whole world is a straight information stand, and due to systematic oppression from social establishments, us queers need our own tourism, our own bars, our own places to be who we are. It wasn’t heated as such, but after a couple of minutes she just refused to continue the conversation. I love my sister, and I’m out to her and she’s totally cool. I guess the second reason I finally got my arse into gear and started typing is because I realised that, if even the people I’m closest too and love the most still exhibit ignorance about queer issues, then our movement has a long way to go.

I guess there’s a third, mulitfaceted reason. I’m angry. I’m scared. I’m excited and exhilarated. I’m interested and curious and vaguely well-educated and I want to educate others, vaguely. And frankly, the internet is a pretty good place to do that. I yearn for the days of letter writing, but for the sake of liberation and the right to party and all that jazz, I’m going to tap into the world wide web to talk about queer things, queer lives, and other stuff that is shiny.

In the words of Harvey Milk, I’m here to recruit you.


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